Corruption index: Switzerland is a pretty good performer

The Global Corruption Index (GCI), released by GRP in its second edition last week, made the highlights of the Swiss newspaper Le Temps. The GCI 2019 results are discussed in the article published on Friday, Nov 1, 2019, entitled: “Indice de Corruption: La Suisse est une assez bonne élève”. The full version of the article […]

Interview with Pierre Memheld

GRP France Managing Director Pierre Memheld speaks on how companies can monitor their enviornment. Please click here for interview

Due Diligence: Lessons from Sonepar Case

On July 10th, the electrical equipment supplier Sonepar was finally able to breathe. Initially implicated for breach of the Sapin II law, the company was found not to be “non-compliant” by the French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA) Sanctions Committee, avoiding a significant fine and, above all, major reputational injury.

Anti-corruption Measures: When Compliance is Privatized

Increased economic relations with emerging trade partners has led to the adoption of more and more anti-corruption measures and laws that companies are required to respect. In this context, new corruption players in support of compliance enter the private sector, thus competing with institutions traditionally in charge of these issues.

Sustainable Investment: A Boom in Structure

While the success of ESG strategies is undeniable among investors, there is still a need for reliable indicators. Some IE firms, such as Global Risk Profile (GRP), support investors with dedicated indices. Tools that don’t systematically exclude non-virtuous businesses, but rather accompany in their transition. Click here for full article

Interview with Joël PASTRE, President and Founder of Global Risk Profile

Founded in 2009, Global Risk Profile (GRP) is a specialized firm in the field of Due Diligence, located in Switzerland and France. At the dawn of GRP’s publication of its ESG and Corruption indices, Portail de l’Intelligence Economique met with its president and founder Joel Pastre. Click here for full article