All-in-one compliance software to manage corruption and ESG risks of your third-parties

  • Ensure compliance with anti-corruption and corporate sustainability laws 
  • Save up to 80% of your resources and focus on the essential tasks
  • Fully customizable questionnaires to send to all your third parties in just a few clicks
  • Real-time monitoring of your KPIs


All-in-one compliance software to manage corruption and ESG risks of your third-parties

A Unique



A Unique Compliance Solution

EDERIS™ is our integrated compliance and risk management platform designed for assessing and managing third-party risks (associated with suppliers, subcontractors, customers, partners, subsidiaries etc.) in accordance with applicable regulations.

Imagined as a risk management ecosystem, the EDERIS™ compliance solution allows you to deal with many aspects of ethics and compliance management throughout the whole third-party relationship.

Visualize your risks and optimize decision-making

  • Corruption and ESG risk scores generated instantly based on your risk mapping
  • Filter your third parties according to your needs and requirements
  • Make targeted decisions based on your own criteria



EDERIS™: Centralized Information for better informed decisions

  • Offers optimal visualization of risk scores, analysis and decisions
  • Centralizes third-party documents and questionnaires and actions
  • Suggests actions based on the analysis phase
  • Provides full traceability of all third-party actions

In response to these concerns and needs, we created EDERIS™, a UNIQUE Risk Management Platform.

All-in-One, it puts technology to work for you to efficiently assess risks related to a high number of third parties in accordance with various regulations at once.

1)  A risk-based approach developed by Due Diligence specialists:

Third parties undergo a 3-steps risk analysis, from identification of exogenous risks (thanks to GRP risk indexes) to (semi-)automated screenings and Enhanced Due Diligence.

2) Two parallel workflows to simultaneously meet the requirements of two different types of regulations:

  • Corruption, as well as AML and anti-terrorism financing regulations
  • ESG-oriented and corporate responsibility regulations


Tailor-made Questionnaires for your unique processes

  • Unlimited creation of tailor-made questionnaires and mitigation actions
  • Send your customized questionnaires to all your third parties in just a few clicks
  • Manage and assess all your answers and assessments in one centralized location


Designed to smoothly integrate and enhance any corporate structure, EDERIS™ is unique in its mission, and also includes:

  • Upload of existing databases for third-party data management
  • Multiple user roles with different rights and access, allowing for double validation
  • Creation and dispatch of questionnaires and forms (onboarding, self-assessments, etc.)
  • Creation of mitigation actions impacting risk scores
  • All necessary stats for internal and external reporting
  • Due Diligence Process traceability with justification of decisions at each step