Bespoke Expertise: Make the Complex Simple with GRP



  • Intelligence

  • Litigation Support

  • Asset search worldwide

  • Internal investigations (fraud, corruption misconduct and whistleblowing)

Companies often require external resources with the right skills and backgrounds to efficiently conduct an investigation into specific matters, be it in the context of internal fraud and misconduct, ongoing litigation, or regulatory issues.

With integrity and reputation at stake, a thoroughly conducted professional investigation becomes the focal point: uncovered new evidence can tilt the balance and reverse the course of events.


Along with Due Diligence investigations, we offer a large scale of investigations into specific matters, combining both open data & onsite searches, as well as HUMINT, using the most up-to-date technologies to provide our clients with the desired outcomes.

Favoring a highly individualized approach, we provide tailor-made responses to your specific assignments by quickly setting up a highly skilled, focused task force to efficiently manage any kind of issue.

For more complex investigations, we call on our large network of reliable partners, comprising highly credentialed specialists from all around the world.

This collaboration between…

  • our experienced professionals from diverse cultural and education backgrounds

  • and a selected pool of renowned experts with specific abilities and capacities able to deliver the right intelligence following innovative strategies

…provides solutions to meet our Client’s requirements and necessary objectives.

We put our know-how and experience to work for you through professional:

  1. Intelligence gathering & Data analysis 
  2. Forensic accounting 
  3. Full Documentation review
  4. Fact-checking & Evidence retrieval

Choosing us is also choosing:

  • Low risk of conflict of interest
  • A highly qualified and flexible team, with transversal skills and multicultural backgrounds
  • A global network of internationally renowned experts, for exclusive insights into specific matters
  • A global network of reliable local providers, for exclusive information directly from the operational environment


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