We have a solution for you

We offer a wide range of services, solutions and tools for identifying, assessing and mitigating third-party risks. Customizable according to specific needs, they can easily integrate any compliance or decision-making process.

Compliance Screening Reports

Our screening reports are designed to provide a first level due diligence in line with ever-evolving regulations that require extensive third-party risk evaluations.

We offer two types of screening reports covering specific risks:

  • AC-AML Screenings: Corruption, money laundering, and other white collar crimes (i.e. fraud, terrorism financing)
  • ESG Screenings: environmental, human rights, and health & safety risks

Due Diligence

Use GRP’s solutions to mitigate your risks and ensure compliance with regional & international regulatory standards.

We offer in-depth research and analysis on: 

  • Existing / Potential Clients (KYC) 

  • Suppliers / Subcontractors / Distributors 

  • Investors / Donors

  • M&A and Joint Ventures

  • Current staff & potential hires with Human Resources report

EDERIS™ Risk Management Platform

Incorporate our unique compliance software into your compliance strategy, allowing you to:

  • Process, manage and monitor third-parties risks on a large scale

  • Comply with multiple regulations through one single platform 

Risk Indexes

Find out your third-parties’ risk exposure from a country and industry perspective: 

Our one-of-a-kind  Risk Indexes were developed for risk management and compliance professionals to facilitate the implementation of relevant policies. Discover Global Corruption index and ESG index ratings on a dedicated website (https://risk-indexes.com)


Rely on our expertise for large-scale and in-depth investigations into specific matters, including Asset Search and Litigation Support.


Learn with GRP! Willing to pass on its experience and know-how, GRP frequently organizes trainings and seminars, be it at the Client’s premises or in partnership with various associations.