Leading company in Ethics and Compliance, Global Risk Profile (GRP) specializes in Due Diligence related services.

Since its foundation in 2009, GRP has always placed Due Diligence at the core of its activities. Over the years, our scope of services has successfully expanded, now ranging from software compliance solutions to Due Diligence investigations with various coverage and scope. 

Dedication, reliability and high quality standards are only a few of our core values. Attracted by the effectiveness of GRP’s solutions, both multinational and small-sized enterprises rely on our expertise, regardless of their sector of activity.

Global capabilities

  • International expertise & global reach
  • Multi-cultural approach
  • Exceptional team with diverse background and skills

Due Diligence as a key expertise​

  • Specialist beats generalist
  • Proprietary tools & archives
  • Access to thousands of privileged sources

No conflict of interest​

  • Totally independent from any economic and political interests
  • Company directly owned by its management


  • Flexible approach to meet Clients’ specific needs
  • Tailor-made services for guaranteed Client satisfaction


  • High-end services with fast delivery
  • Rigorous Methodology & Processes
  • Traceability of information

Innovation & Creativity

  • Continuously adapting our solutions in accordance with regulatory developments
  • Creating innovative solutions to address new challenges

Top-end Technology

  • Perfect symbiosis with Human Intelligence
  • IT infrastructure in Switzerland & EU only
  • Advanced machine-learning & AI
  • Unique Risk Management Platform


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Area of Expertise


Country Coverage





Money-Laundering. Fraud. Corruption. Companies worldwide have to deal with these increasingly complex threats. Contracting with a new supplier, welcoming assets from a new partner, opening new branches abroad and gaining new clients are all situations hiding potential risks. 

In-depth knowledge of customers, suppliers, and trading partners is essential for building a sound and stable business relationship. As such, various regulations are continually emerging, stressing the necessity for enhanced Due Diligence processes to effectively evaluate third-party risks.

Witnessing this paradigm shift, two investigation specialists decided to commit their career to Due Diligence by founding the company Global Risk Profile (GRP) ten years ago.

Over the years, GRP has quickly joined the ranks of international experts in the ethics and compliance field. Relying on its core values and committed team, GRP gradually implemented its expansion strategy. This led to the opening of a French subsidiary, the relocation of the head office to accommodate an actively growing team, and the creation of a scientific board comprising internationally renowned experts.

Rooted in innovation, GRP monitors local and international regulatory trends and creates new solutions to respond to ever-evolving compliance requirements. In 2019, after several years of research & development, GRP proudly announced the release of its exclusive risk indexes. Pushing forward with this momentum, GRP has released a unique Ethics & Compliance Management Platform EDERIS, an all-inclusive software designed for the seamless management of all your third-party risks.

Reliable, Flexible, Independent