Interactive Global Corruption and ESG Risk Indexes:
Two robust measures to assess your Fraud, Corruption and ESG risks worldwide


Assessing fraud, corruption & ESG risks are increasingly challenging for compliance officers and risk management professionals. To conduct a primary assessment of country & industry risks, Global Risk Profile has developed two robust composite indexes, the Global Corruption Index (GCI) and the ESG index (ESGI).

Primarily focused on corruption (in both the public and private sectors), the GCI offers a comprehensive approach by including other white-collar crimes variables. It covers various criteria such as fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing. 

The ESGI offers a trans-dimensional risk overview by focusing on socially responsible conducts in relation to the environment, human rights, and health & safety.

Our indexes offer a compliance solution to multiple binding laws and regulations. 

Use the Globakl Corruption Index (GCI) to comply with the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and the French law Sapin II. 

Offering a unique scope, the ESGI is in line with trending legislations aimed at preventing major environmental and human rights violations (such as Devoir de vigilance in France).



Tailor-made indexes allow for a quick overview and primary assessment of your risk exposure according to your specific needs and features.

Our datasets can be reconfigured to help any company uncover specific operating risks it is facing and help it prioritize mitigation efforts.

To more accurately reflect our clients’ strategies, the selection of indicators and the determination of their respective weights in the global scoring are fully customizable. 

Both indexes can also include risks by activity sectors, following recent legal requirements and trends. Risk scores and ratings are then provided not only by country but also by industry.

In order to deliver perfectly fitted answers to the client’s regulatory needs or ethics & compliance objectives, Global Risk Profile offers consulting services with thorough phases of prior discussions & research. Continuous support is provided during the test phase for final adjustments.

Once validated, results are provided in the required formats and a comprehensive documentation is delivered.

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