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It is increasingly challenging for companies to efficiently address fraud, corruption & ESG risks arising from third-party relationships while also applying regulatory compliance. 

Our Due Diligence reports & investigations offer a complete overview on researched subjects worldwide, including both entities and individuals.

Following an in-house developed methodology, our specialists retrieve and thoroughly analyze data from thousands of sources at their disposal.

This way our Clients can quickly apprehend potential risks associated with the subject, as well as verify the authenticity of the information in their possession.

Our Clients look to us for conducting Due Diligence on: 

  • Existing / potential Clients
  • Suppliers / Subcontractors / Distributors
  • Potential Investors / Donors
  • Current personnel  & Potential hires
  • Merger and Acquisition and Joint Ventures Deals


Inspired by the latest regulatory requirements (e.g. Sapin II, UK Bribery Act, FCPA), we apply our experience to developing anti-corruption reports that feature all the key elements essential for efficient corruption prevention and mitigation. Our reports will guide you in decision-making and ensure your compliance to even the tightest anti-corruption regulations.

Among its key features:

  • Identification of shareholding structure (including UBO)
  • PEP/ SOE checks
  • Sanctions & regulatory breaches checks
  • Legal Issues (settled, pending or threatened litigation)
  • Media reputation with focus on adverse news
  • Subject’s network identification & checks
  • Detailed Documentation (all information sourced, full research archives available on request)
For a first level Anti-Corruption screening report, click here.

Developed to meet the latest compliance requirements, our Enhanced Due Diligence provides a full overview of the subject and any associated risks.

With true safeguards against money-laundry and terrorism financing risks, our Enhanced Due Diligence features a special focus on:

  • Financials, including origin of wealth and asset research
  • Connections to Politically exposed persons (PEP)
  • Ultimate Beneficial Ownership information (UBO)
  • Detailed Documentation (all information sourced, full research archives available on request)


Accompanying our Clients in upstreaming their M&A and Joint Venture deals, we provide extensive Due Diligence reports with specific insight into:

  • Corporate matters (overall structure, subsidiaries, management and stockholders identification, etc.)
  • Financial situation (current and historical financial statements, assets research, etc.)
  • Technology / Patents (patents and trademarks, copyright services / products, etc. )
  • Background checks on key executives, including CEO and CFO
  • Legal Issues (settled, pending or threatened litigation)

On request, our reports can be enhanced by on-site verification and checks (Activity & Reputation Check, On-site visit to the Company’s Premises, etc.)

A new regulatory trend is spreading across Europe: countries such as France, the UK, German and Switzerland are setting up legislations in an effort to prevent major environmental and human rights violations. With these new regulations, Due Diligence takes on a new dimension. ESG risks can no longer be ignored and are about to become an integral part of any Compliance process.

By combining a dedicated in-house methodology with machine-learning technology, our Due Diligence solutions efficiently identify ESG risks in accordance with regulatory requirements. Our specialists conduct targeted searches in the media, case law, as well as in specific regulatory breach databases not yet incorporated in “conventional” compliance databases.

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Our Human Resources Background check reports comprise all the information essential for HR officers to ensure a candidate’s integrity prior to hiring for a key position within the company.

Based on crosschecking information (CV / resume) provided by the Client, our Background checks can be adapted for specific needs. They generally include:

  • Verification of education and academic credentials
  • Information on active and past mandates and participations
  • Verification of formerly held key positions
  • Confirmation of present and past addresses
  • Reputation checks in the media, and more broadly on the Web
  • Checks for involvement as defendant party in legal cases


Learn about our Due Diligence process:

Our Due Diligence solutions offer a true added value by combining the following  advantages:

  • 1. International coverage thanks to broad knowledge of languages

  • 2. Tools and proprietary archives providing exclusive access to over 1’500 sources

  • 3. Unique and innovative methodology based on human intelligence

  • 4. Traceability of information with source disclosure and archives of our research available on demand

  • 5. Optional On-site verifications & retrieval of exclusive first-hand information

  • 6. Rapid and fixed delivery with express delivery options

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