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Our training programs offer a blend of theory and practice to enable professionals to assess the situation with their business counterparts in light of anti-corruption, money laundering, organized crime and terrorism financing regional and international regulations.

Comply with a complex regulatory environment but also gain an undeniable economic advantage.


Our Due Diligence training programs are designed to help professionals:

  • Acquire a strong knowledge base of the regulatory environment
  • Identify the type of information sources to search
  • Deploy relevant data collection methods / overcome obstacles
  • Make smart use of information
  • Develop a critical sense of available data and appraise their degree of reliability
  • Enhance information and knowledge management capabilities
  • Boost efficiency and productivity in due diligence processes

Strong and convincing Due diligence is an essential part of compliance processes; Knowing exactly who you are dealing with simultaneously safeguards against a variety of business risks and helps build new opportunities. 

In the context of litigation, proceeding with Due Diligence checks can be of great help in gathering certain evidence. These checks form an integral part of complex investigations and involve the use of specific techniques as well as strong analytical skills. When performed thoroughly, checks can uncover information that could tilt the balance in a court case and accelerate its resolution.



Investigative Due Diligence mostly relies on data which can be usually found online. Nevertheless, accessible “online” or “open source”  does not mean information is as easy as  simply typing the name of your third party into your favorite search engine.

There are various reasons why access to information may be restricted, voluntarily or involuntarily, and restrictions can be technical, regulatory, financial, time barriers, use of privileged access / access control procedures which require authentication and authorization of individuals for access to certain information.

For professionals confronted with a large number of third parties on a regular basis, the use of automated tools can greatly facilitate your processes and save you tremendous time and resources. We offer tools and learning programs specifically conceived to help your team integrate them in your daily work.  

Learn how to: 

  • Take the best advantage of your risk management platform
  • Set priorities and enhance coordination efforts within your organization 
  • Reinforce your risk mitigation actions where needed with additional screening and Due Diligence
  • Standardize and keep your third parties’ data up-to-date
  • Quickly target and extract useful information to best demonstrate compliance efforts


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